Martins Bruvelis portrait photo

Martins is a researcher who pragmatically makes the complex simple. He is an experienced information technology specialist and analyst with years of experience solving complex business and research problems. He has the expertise and skills to support digital transformation – to analyze, simplify, architect, automate, implement, monitor, and maintain IT systems and processes, including, experience to:

  • lead, architect and implement on-premise and cloud-based data infrastructure and digital workflow solutions;
  • handle full-stack development (proficient in multiple programming languages, system architecture, scripting, DevOps, database management, networking, content management systems, APIs, SSO, SEO, front-end, AI and machine learning);
  • produce rich multimedia content to support training, documentation, analytics, reporting and establishing a digital online presence.

I leverage my expertise and passion for technology to support digital transformation and help clients unlock opportunities — to automate workflows, increase productivity, enhance user experience, and reduce risks.


By taking end-to-end ownership and looking for the intersection of business, science, technology, governance, processes, and people management, I pragmatically identify how to improve workflows and make the complex simple. I develop and document best practices to help to standardize use of common digital tools. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation. Often new technologies can fail to improve productivity, not because of fundamental flaws in the technology, but because the use of digital tools has not been well-architected.

With rapidly changing information technology landscape, it has become increasingly important to stay up-to-date on emerging technologies to enable continuous improvement and to deliver business value.